Severine, born in Paris in November, 1960, has been painting since she was 17 years old. She studied drawing in Paris, and later received a
Visual Arts degree at Paris University VIII. A freelance illustrator since 1994, she has created Fantasy and Science Fiction works for several French publications. She was a prize winner at the Visions du Futur, in Paris in 1999, and has exhibited her work in France, Belgium, Limoges, and Hong Kong. She is also one of the 9 artists represented in the art book "Terra Incognita".
Severine paints in a representational dream-like way, and her works are beautiful, without artifice or made natural, or nature made beautiful. Currently working on a tree-man theme, her works are inspired by mythology, and fairy tales, but also touch on environmental concerns, and hilosophical ideals regarding the worlds unity.

oil on canvas