Gary came to art along an unconventional path which included service in Vietnam , work on oil rigs in Indonesia and almost twenty years as co-owner of a Chicago advertising agency.

Always enchanted by sculpture and the personal fulfillment of the creative process, he left the corporate world behind to devote his energy and time to art. A native of Phoenix , Arizona , he has always been an internationalist at heart, earning a Bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies, a Master's in International Management, and visiting or living in more than fifty countries.

One benefit of wide travel is direct exposure to the world's great art, and his influences range from Native American to Japanese brush painting, from African primitive to Rodin. While favoring the traditional mediums of metal and stone, he uses them to express contemporary ideas. Trained in figurative work, he employs it as a jumping-off point to more imaginative and often abstract creations.

Underlying his work is what he considers a Taoist aesthetic. He prefers to suggest and imply rather than show, even to remove the subject itself when that seems the most effective way to render it. His most recent installation was Chicago 's Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedicated on Veteran's Day, 2005.