With my paintings, I'd like to invite yourselves discovering my secret world, remembering your own secret world. Did you sometimes feel those invisible worlds touching you. I'd like to show you those invisible worlds, as for me another real world. I'd enjoy you following me on that true way that's made with our children's dreams.
When I was young, I usually went fishing with my grandfather. There I was sure about one day or another, I would catch any submarine monster.

At night, at home, I was the only one who could see small creatures, half humans, half animals, running into darkness.

Then I was drawing, and drawing and drawing again.

During five years studying at ROUEN ART SCHOOL , all works I made there were strongly leaded by my great interest about occultist sciences.

Visiting museums and exhibitions, I travelled into FUSSLÏ'S, FRIEDRICH'S, DELVILLE'S, ROLAND CAT'S, DI MACCIO'S works of art.

Let me deliver you now my own medium's secret : One FIAC 1985's quarter, one Poirier's quarter, one Poumeyrol's quarter, one Magritte's quarter, on Dali's drop, and then another great Fairy tale's and legend's quarter. Now just only shake all that into a container inside what you put Gabriel Fauré's Requiem and all my precious thoughts to Claudine. You just have to paint now.

I enjoy what Antoine de Saint Exupéry wrote :
"We only true see with heart, essential is invisible to the eyes."
Wish you'll have a good travel into my Fantastic Worlds.



oil on canvas